Good Bones

The Skeleton of a House

Skeleton of a House

I heard my husband say it the other day as we were walking the neighborhood, “that house has good bones”. We were watching workers diligently hammering away on the roof of an old home. They were hard at work trying to restore it. “They are lucky” he said, “a lot of houses just fall apart as they get older”. As we continued walking I recalled the old movie “Money Pit” where the comedy ensued from the home owners attempting to fix up a house that did not have good bones. Hence the title, like throwing money into a pit.

Then I thought about Advanced Systems Homes and the modular way of building.  Every ASH home starts by building good, strong, quality bones. The frames are made with 2x6’s. Using 2x6’s allows a thicker insulation, which results in a higher R-Value for the overall wall.  The thicker wall results in better insulation around doors and windows, keeping heat and cool in and mitigating the changes in the weather going on outside. These stronger 2x6 based walls can resist higher wind loads.          

This attention to quality and detail is carried on throughout the entire building process at Advanced Systems Home. At ASH, we assemble, create, develop, and build new quality homes all under one roof. Once the major parts are completed (the “bones”) we transport them to the final placement site and finish the construction. The result is a beautiful, modern structure made from components protected from the elements and built to protect your family from the Midwest weather. Great bones, great skin, beautiful dream home.  

Contact our Design Team to start building your ASH bones.  Your dream, our passion.