Why Choose Advanced Systems Homes

Contract Pricing

Your home price will not change once you enter into a contractual agreement with Advanced Systems Homes. If commodity prices go up after you enter into contract, we will not come back to you and ask for further monies. The price of your home will neither go up nor down, no matter what the markets do. Other builders' contracts will have overage clauses that let them charge you at will for things like unforeseen material price increases, etc. This will not happen at ASH. That is a promise that will always be honored.

Full Customization

Full Customization means exactly what it says. When building a home with us, you are in complete control over every detail and aspect of your home. Rather than living with others’ choices, you and your family alone choose what you want in your new home. Everything you choose — every product and feature in your home is dictated by your own personal choices. As a custom home owner, you will live with a sense of pride knowing that this is your own unique home, where your expectations were met.

Turn-Key Faster

The manner in which we build is called Building Systems. Building Systems are simply a systematic approach to how we build your home. Building your home this way is quicker and much more efficient. It enables the building of your home and the work at the job site to transpire simultaneously. This way, you get into your home faster, thus saving you money and precious time.