Home Investment- Buy Local

Buying from ASH IS buying Local

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You hear a lot about “buying local” these days. Citizens of the community are taking a closer look at where their spending dollars go. The label of “Buy Local” has been applied to everything from tomatoes to craft beer, but have you ever considered housing as a local product?


When you choose to build a new home, you are not only adding to your own wealth, you are investing in your community. Investing in housing means that you are investing in your local economy, community and country. It is the single best way the average person can build equity. By building a new home you are putting people to work in your own community.


Builders will complete homes using their own tradesman. When you choose Advanced Systems Homes we use our workers living in the Chanute Kansas and surrounding areas. Unless they are on the “set up” crew, they drive to one location, 4711 South Santa Fe Avenue, Chanute Kansas.  They work together day in and day out as a team, constructing under the watchful eye of the talented veteran supervisor. They go home and spend most of their wages at the local restaurants, businesses and stores.

ASH pays special attention to who they use to supply materials. Over 40% of the materials used on our homes come from Kansas vendors and close to 90% are American made.  Our homes add value to the community and the countryside.

Contact our design team to see how your new home could be built in as little as 90 days and add to the local investment. Your dream, Our passion.