Home, Not a House

home, not a house

At Advanced Systems Homes we build new homes, not new houses. What's the difference?

Each home we build is with the family in mind that will live there. Our design team asks the question, will this be a good place for your family to live when its finished? Will this give the new home owners the most "bang for their buck"?

We don't just build a lot of track homes, cookie cutter style on an assembly line and change the color of the carpet and say it's different. We take the time to examine your needs, your wants and your budget and find the floor plan and design that will work for you.

Sometimes, a customer may have a part of a dream home in mind that won't necessarily fit their family's needs. ASH is not afraid to let you know that perhaps this dream needs to stay a dream and not become a reality…'s a sort of "be careful what you wish for" type of thing.

For example, one client wanted a wraparound porch, like the one they saw in a popular home magazine. This porch was going to cost just as much per square foot as the home itself and was going to increase the price of the house by 35%. The family eventually determined that the added value of the porch was not equal to the cost and decided that the dream would have to stay a dream.

Another family wanted a Jacuzzi garden tub in the master bathroom. ASH showed them the reviews from people who had added this feature and discussed how often and how much utilities this would cost to use. The family determined that a hot tub outside was a better option and the space was used for a large walk in shower with multiple heads and a heated floor.... a much better use of the funds and the space.

We are not in the business of popping your dream bubbles. However, we do know houses and what makes them HOMES. Our expertise combined with your dreams makes for a good building combination.

Contact our design team to begin realizing your dreams.  We can have your new modular HOME built in as little as 90 days. Your dream, our passion.