Negatives of Tiny Houses

There are drawbacks to living "Tiny"

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Tiny houses are all the rage.  Live with less and live cheaply.  We assume because they are smaller that they will cost less, but Advanced Systems Homes knows when you add it all up this may not be the case.  Consider these negatives:

Property Values Fall- Many subdivisions and home associations are making restrictions against tiny houses since they historically do not hold property values well.  Resale of these homes is more difficult because of the draw backs to the small size.

Food Costs Increase-  With less storage for dry goods and smaller space for refrigeration of fresh food, you most likely find yourself eating out a lot more.  Not to mention the problems associated with cooking food in a small space.  Preparing home cooked meals is a lot more difficult.

Poor Air Circulation-  Smaller space means more compact “breathing air” and much less room for circulation and proper ventilation.  While installation of  high tech air filters may mitigate some of the air quality issues, the extra power and space needed to operate them can become expensive.

Appliance and Plumbing Repair/Maintenance Higher- The unusual size of the appliances make the repair, replacement and upkeep higher.  Tiny appliances take tiny parts that are not usually stocked in your standard home repair retail shop.

Storage Costs are Higher-  There is very little room for storage of personal items and clothing.  While you can take the minimalist approach to living and cut back on some things, any seasonal clothing and shoes will most likely have to be stored in a separate unit.

Weather Damage- Tiny does not necessarily stand up to storms, especially those that include high winds.  If you are locating in an area that is susceptible to weather changes, a tiny home may become detrimental.

After considering all the positives and negatives, a Tiny House may still be your choice.  ASH wants you to consider getting the best of both worlds.  Instead of Tiny, go SMALL.  ASH has several smaller house plans that can achieve a happy balance between the positives and negatives of tiny living. 

Contact our design team to check out some of our smaller, efficient and affordable home plans.  Your dream, our passion.