No Boat Named "Change Order"

We don't make money on you changing your mind.

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Advanced Systems Homes does not have a boat named, “Change Order”.

True Story. On a prominent recreational lake in the Midwest there is a big boat named “Change Order”. The building contractor who owns the boat laughingly explains to his friends that the boat is named for where he gets his best profit margin (since the money in effect paid for the boat)…. The change order.

That’s not how ASH operates. Our design team strives to plan for your preferences and customize them into a new country home or commercial building that fits your family or business. We have configurable floor plans or can work from plans you bring in yourself. Once you choose a plan that fits your style, we diligently work with your choices and preferences to fit your budget and estimate the total price of your home.

We’ve been building country homes for over forty years. Our experience allows us to help determine what line items changes do to the “end number” and can identify ways to gain efficiency and allow your style to come in at or under budget. After decades of design and building we can guide you to the choices of floor design, flooring, fittings, cabinets etc, that will help you be happy with your final construction and avoid those pesky change orders. Our designers will develop specifications for the project that define, with great detail, what scope of work will be performed, in what manner, and with what acceptable materials. We will perform an onsite evaluation walkthrough, and generate estimated costs to perform the construction according to the specification’s guidelines.

We are not saying we don’t DO change orders. We do. And unfortunately we have to charge for the change to cover the retrofitting. However, we regularly communicate with our customers in order to minimize or avoid all together the changes. And we don’t make huge amounts of profit on your changes and we don’t have huge yachts named after exorbitant rates charged for change. Contact our design team to get started on your new country home today.