Trust and Integrity

Trust and integrity are not normally associated with home building, but at ASH they are the basis of all we do.

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Advanced Systems Homes is not your typical home builder. Our teams work together year-round. We train and learn together and work hard to build our homes as if we were going to live in them ourselves (we do sometimes!). We stay current on the latest home building plans and trends and work hard to offer the best value new home in the Midwest.

We trust each other. We know that our neighbors and friends are our customers and we are building a product that represents for many a major investment and a lifelong dream. We have the integrity to offer contract pricing.

Our home price will not change once you enter into a contractual agreement with Advanced Systems Homes. If commodity prices go up after you enter into contract, we will not come back to you and ask for further monies. The price of your home will neither go up nor down, no matter what the markets do.

Other builders' contracts will have overage clauses that let them charge you at will for things like unforeseen material price increases, etc. This will not happen at ASH. That is a promise that will always be honored.

We want to get it right and make it a no hassle build. If you are not a friend when you begin the design process, by the time your home is completed you will be.

You know where to find us. Stop by 4711 South Santa Fe, Chanute Kansas and tour the plant.